The Old Journal

Ronald Rudentof discovers an ancient mystery hidden in his late father's research materials. Eager to step out from his father's shadow, Ron makes a breakthrough that might just solve the puzzle.
Jan 01, 2014The Eye 1

Money and Time

The compass leads Ron and company to Firesands. The only problem now is how to finance the trip. Fortunately, an old acquaintance of his father may hold the answer, but all is not as it seems.
Jan 24, 2014The Eye 24


Mr. O'Raelly hires Ron a crew, and Ben secures financial backing through dubious means. The journey is set, but Alex, plagued by nightmares, insists on going too.
Feb 10, 2014The Eye 41


Ron's team arrives in Firesands, but they aren't the only ones searching for The Eye. A team of mercenaries is determined to beat them to their objective...
Feb 26, 2014The Eye 57

The Eye

The team leaves for the Temple, but the Wonders Three have made it first. They evade the traps, but aren't prepared for what they find inside.
Mar 17, 2014The Eye 76

New Blood, Old Blood

Ron's team and the Wonders Three discover The Eye of Ramalach... as well as its guardian. The battle is fierce, and one of Ron's friends makes a great sacrifice.
Apr 01, 2014The Eye 91

New Insight

The Wonders Three escape with The Eye, and Ron and company escape with their lives... mostly. With her home destroyed, they bring the guardian of The Eye, Mayte, home with them.
Apr 18, 2014The Eye 108

Ramalach the Deivon Lord

Ron discovers that there was more to The Eye than he thought, and he ends up with an unexpected stowaway.
May 02, 2014The Eye 122

The Serpent and the Hunger

Ron attempts to adapt to life with Ramalach, while Mayte attempts to adapt to life in Neon City. Both of which become difficult as they draw the attention of Ramalach's brethren, and the Queen's royal guard.
May 16, 2014The Eye 136

Under the Shadow of the Queen

In the aftermath of the attack on Alex and Mayte, Queen Jane introduces herself our heroes. But is she friend or foe? And Ron makes an important decision regarding Marianne.
May 28, 2014The Eye 148

Something Old and Something New

Ben tries to help Mayte adapt to city life. Meanwhile, The Wonders Three return, and Mr. O'Raelly, in his desperation, makes his move against Ron and Ramalach, only to get more than he bargained for.
Jun 14, 2014The Eye 165

The Other Side of the Coin

Ron and Marianne have their first date, and Ron discovers a side to his crush he never expected. A man arrives with an offer for Mayte.
Jul 05, 2014The Eye 186

Pieces Fall Into Place

Ron makes poor life choices, and two others learn the truth about Ramalach. Marianne opens herself up to Ron, and he discovers more about her past than he expected.
Jul 29, 2014The Eye 210

The Blooming Reverie

The Silentmen attack on Ron and Ramalach leaves Ramalach near death. Queen Jane gives Ron an ultimatum that he may not be able to refuse.
Sep 02, 2014TheEye Page245
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